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Pablo Escobar Jr. Is A Fake!!

Pablo Escobar Jr. is really Jose P. Rodriguez Chamberlain. He is not Colombian, but really Costa Rican. Chances are you've either come across this fool's bullsh*t, or you've come across the fool himself. You Google his name, and this is where you ended up. Let's hope we can educate you on this con.

(Thanks to Nicolas Entel and Sebastian Marroquin Santos, the actual son of Pablo Escobar, for providing this site with the valuable intel needed to expose this fraud.)

Mr. Pablo Escobar Jr will explain everything in this video!

The History Of Fake And Supposed Son Of Pablo Escobar

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This magazine went to the trouble of sending a journalist from Colombia to interview this bogus "son" of Pablo Escobar. They ran with the story and exposed him as a fake, it was payback for wasting the magazine's time, as he claimed to be the real deal.


Pablo Escobar Jr admits he is a fraud!!!

According to this story, Pablo Escobar Jr admitted to being a fraud. Click on the link to read more!
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The hip-hop gangsta has finally admitted to the fraud.
Rush & Molly, NY Daily News.

The film maker, Nicolas Entel, director and writer of "Sins Of My Father" sets the record straight about fake Pablo Escobar Jr. Read the statement in his own words....

The so called Pablo Escobar Jr is a clown. He is really Jose P. Rodriguez Chamberlain residing at 16 Washington Place, East Rutherford, NJ 07073. He lives with his real father, Wilfred Rodriguez, and his mother, who is a babysitter. This was all one big gimic intended on making him famous, he's originally from Costa Rica born there and his real parents are also Costa Rican. His wife, Viviana Rodriguez is really from Colombia, so she taught him the ropes on being and talking like a Colombian. He has lied his way into some famous mobsters home saying he was related to Pablo Escobar, even occasionally snorting cocaine to prove that he was legit. He was incarcerated in the L.A county jail for vagrancy upon finding himself homeless in Venice Beach. He vowed to change his life and started to perform Christian rap then he met A&R cookie from Ruff Ryders who would eventually introduce Pablo Escobar Jr to their CEO. An agreement was made of a possible gimic and then so on. Pablo Escobar Jr moved to East Rutherford, NJ and then re-appeared on myspace with Ruff Ryder Logos saying he was affiliated with DMX and his camp, which was sort of a true, after hindering a potential record contract as a gimic with the Yonkers based record label and undermining their integrity, attorney's contacted Pablo Escobar Jr and told him about copyright infringement laws and to take the Ruff Ryders logos down and so he did. Unfortunatley he had tattoed the Ruff Ryder logo to his head, but changed it to read "Real". Pablo would hear about Roberto Escobar's cure for Aids, so he contacted him and tricked the feeble Roberto Escobar into beliving he was a long lost son of his brothers. Flown to Colombia by As Is magazine in order to shoot a documentary about Pablo Escobar, excited about the prospect of publicising the cure for Aids, Roberto Escobar accepted Pablo Escobar Jr with open arms, later regreting it after not getting the DNA verification needed to prove that Pablo Escobar Jr was a legitimate heir.

Pablo Escobar Jr, claims to be son of the late drug lord Pablo Escobar. Alba Marina Escobar, sister of Pablo Escobar's calls him crazy

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Pablo Escobar Jr on a Colombian radio station via telephone from New Jersey. The plan was to get some of his music heard on the air and talk about him being the real deal. Too bad it goes totally wrong, and he gets exposed by the interviewer on the radio station. It was great for the radio station, they ran two parts of the show for two days exposing this fake Pablo Escobar Jr, and locating the real son of Pablo Escobar (Sebastian Marroquin) on the second day of the interview, exposing Pablo Escobar Jr as a fake. Listen for yourself. (Spanish Audio)


Roberto Escobar has the cure for AIDS!!

Now you can see how Pablo Escobar Jr tricked this blind, crazy old man into thinking he was really Pablo's son. This guy really thinks he has cured AIDS...
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Good news. Roberto, the brother of slain drug lord Pablo Escobar, says he found the cure for AIDS.
Colombia news | Colombia Reports

Another person putting fake Pablo Escobar Jr on blast!

The origin of the "persona" that Jose P. Rodriguez Chamberlain created was started in 2005. It was a stage name, like Nas Escobar, but he took it to another level once his music took him no where. When he discovered that the name had potential in the film and in the music industry, he ran with it. He tricked many people, even convincing Roberto Escobar he might be a lost heir to Pablo Escobar. He even contacted the real son of Pablo Escobar (Juan Pablo Escobar AKA Sebastian Marroquin) and made him a proposal. The proposal was to allow the fake Pablo Escobar Jr (Real Name Of The Fake Pablo is "Jose P. Rodriguez Chamberlain") to play the role of the real son in the states and set up potential business ventures using the Escobar name. Not interested, the real son of Pablo Escobar declined and the fake one tried to blackmail him. Saying via email that he was going to expose his family's location in Argentina in order for former enemies of Pablo Escobar to deal with him. Laughing it off, the real son of Pablo Escobar just went to the media world wide and started exposing this fake. Even providing his real name and address to the media. Unfortunately for Pablo, it's spreading like wild fire. Thanks to the real son for making it public record. He made a couple of business ventures with the likes of Frank Lucas Jr, Nas Escobar, and Naughty By Nature, which went no where once the truth was brought to light. You will see a youtube video of Roberto Escobar, Pablo Escobar's brother endorsing him, unfortunately the old man is partially blind and actually thought he was speaking to his estranged nephew. Knowing this, Pablo Escobar Jr took advantage of that little footage and cosigned himself on you tube. But Roberto Escobar has a plan of his own to put this fool on blast.

Sebastian Marroquin (The Real Son Of Pablo Escobar) Goes On The Radio And Decides To Break His Silence To Expose The Fake Pablo Escobar Jr

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This is the second day of the Pablo Escobar Jr fiasco. Some of the real family members of Pablo Escobar call in and expose the fraud that calls himself Pablo Escobar Jr. It was unfortunate for the radio interviewer to appologize to his listeners for believing the hoax that calls himself Pablo Escobar Jr. (Spanish Audio)


Escobar's "Son" seeks stardom as a rapper..

In this story, you will read that Roberto Escobar insists the rapper is an imposter. Rumor has it that Pablo Jr convinced Roberto Escobar that by helping him, it would help publicise his cure for AIDS. Any publicity is good publicity....
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Relatives of Colombian drug lord are disputing a budding rap star's claim to be his son.

Insider of As-Is magazine exposing Pablo Escobar Jr!!

Google Pablo Escobar Jr And You'll Find Out He's An Impostor, A Fake! He Tricked Pablo Escobar's Own Brother Into Thinking He Was The Legitimate Son. When It Came Time To Take A DNA Test, The Fake Pablo Jr Opted Out. Claiming There Was No Need. He Told Roberto Escobar He Was Not There To Claim An Inheritance. He Was Just There To Shoot A Documentary With "As Is" Magazine. Pick Up A Copy The Magazine "As Is" Look At The Cover, And Notice In Small Letters That It Says "Alleged" Son Of Pablo Escobar. Read The Interview, The Fake Pablo Escobar Jr Believes He's Really Juan Pablo Escobar, The Real Son Of Pablo Escobar. Unfortunately My Employer, CEO of As Is Magazine, Realized The Pablo Escobar Jr Might Be A Fraud, He Started Covering His Bases. Real Or Fake, As Is Magazine Is In The Business Of Making Money, And The Pablo Escobar Story Is Just As Entertaining As The Fake Pablo Escobar Jr And Roberto Escobar Curing Aids Story...

So Called Rapper Claiming To Be The Son Of Pablo Escobar Starts A Feud Between Real Escobar Family Members

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A news outlet based out of Colombia exposes Pablo Escobar Jr once again. This time they get a little more in depth on the background of his claims to be the son of Pablo Escobar. It also tells of how Pablo Escobar Jr called to threaten the real son of Pablo Escobar (Sebastian Marroquin) to play along, fortunately the real son of Pablo Escobar just chalked it off to another lunatic trying to gain a bit of fame.


Medellin Prince

Shame on the New York Post for totally dropping the ball. They fell for Pablo Escobar Jr's story, hook, line and sinker. What happened to fact checking? NY Post, you suck!!
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The real star of the 6th annual Queens International Film Festival was Pablo Escobar Jr..
New York Post

Pablo Escobar Jr. tries to promote himself by passing himself off as the Caracol television

Pablo Escobar Jr is a master at self promoting. He locks himself in a room at his mother's house and spins his image day and night. Pablo Escobar Jr searches the web for comments or blogs regarding the validity of his claim to being the son of Pablo Escobar, responds to stories regarding his name sake using the pseudonym "Caracol Television Colombia" or "EyewitnessNewsLosAngeles" or "Colombian Pride", on one occasion he calls Frank Lucas Jr a snitch. Snitch or not, Frank Lucas Jr is really Frank Lucas's son. Click here and Scroll down to user "Colombian Pride", read what he says about Frank Lucas Jr and the Gotti grandchildren.

Pablo Escobar Jr. Is Not Pablo Escobar Jr. Ok?

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A website that was one of the first to expose Pablo Escobar Jr as a fraud. Guanabee (Daily Intelligence For Latinos), tells the real story about who the actual son of Pablo Escobar really is. It also went to the trouble of making a cute "Blingee" of the fraud that calls himself Pablo Escobar Jr.


Pablo Escobar Jr, The Prodigal Son... (Not!!)

Pablo Escobar Jr goes global by getting a journalist in Bogota to write this story, which gets picked up by a french news agency. Too bad the french did their research and put him on blast.
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Sebastian Marroquin, accused the clown cloned imposture "Junior" of being a fraud. Jose Pablo Rodriguez aka Pablo Escobar Jr was fathered by a man with no history.
Michel Size,

Narco Lord's Son Tells Poser: Dude The Pablo Escobar is Closed!

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The NY Daily News got more "behind the scenes" and touches the subjects of Pablo Escobar Jr being told by the real son of Pablo Escobar (Sebastian Marroquin), to cease the nonsense or else. It also touches on Roberto Escobar's video accepting Pablo Escobar Jr as member of the family. Unfortunatley, it doesn't mention that Roberto Escobar, brother of Pablo Escobar, which by the way took a letter bomb to the face during his stay in prison in the 90's, which made him "not all there", knowing this, Pablo Escobar Jr took advanage of this, and duped the old man into thinking he was really the son of Pablo Escobar. Roberto Escobar (El Osito), author of "The Accountant's Story" later admitted via his publicist and a press release that he was emotionally and physically tricked by Pablo Escobar Jr into thinking he was the real deal. The youtube video that has been circulating with Roberto Escobar and Pablo Escobar Jr was documentary footage shot by As-Is magazine, who printed their story about Palblo Esobar and Pablo Escobar Jr, with a disclaimer in small print claiming the "alleged" son of Pablo Escobar. No DNA has been submitted in order to prove that Pablo Escobar Jr is really the son of Pablo Escobar according to a disgruntal and very pissed off Roberto Escobar.


Roberto Escobar Finally Admits Pablo Escobar Jr Is A Fraud!

In a letter that was submitted as a press release, Roberto Escobar finally comes forward with the truth about Pablo Escobar Jr, even stating that the DNA evidence proved that Pablo Escobar Jr. was not even remotely related to any of the Escobars.
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Jose Rodriguez Chamberlain (Pablo Escobar Jr), was not able to confirm his relationship to my deceased brother using DNA testing. He is in no way related to the Escobar Gavira family via blood or otherwise.
Roberto Escobar Gaviria.

Original NY Daily News Story Regarding Pablo Escobar Jr, At The Time The NY Daily News Thought He Was The Real Thing, Then They Exposed Him.

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This story was run with a grain of salt by the NY Daily News, it is hillarious how Pablo Escobar Jr claims to get as much as $10,000 for apperances at night clubs. It also touches on how Roberto Escobar never knew about this fraud, but it sets the wheel in motion for Pablo Escobar Jr to trick the fragile, demented, senile brother of Pablo Escobar. Roberto Escobar is so out of his mind, that he claims to have found the cure for aids. Google it! I wish it was a joke, but it's not. Also keep in mind that "The Accountant's Story" was mostly written by David Fisher, on the stories that they sorted out from Roberto Escobar's memoirs when he was sane.


The Cristina Show Exposes Pablo Escobar Jr

Univision's Cristina show interviewed Pablo Escobar Jr calling him the "alleged son of Pablo Escobar", once they dug deeper into his story, the exposed him as a fraud by airing the real son of Pablo Escobar via satellite denouncing Pablo Escobar Jr.
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Pablo Escobar Jr causes commotion and openly defends his alleged father!
The Cristina Show, Univision.

Pablo Escobar's family struggles with "Pablo Escobar Jr"

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A blog written by a freelance journalist from the Netherlands. Currently based out of Bogota Colombia, he links to another website that has another story regarding fake Pablo Escobar Jr. It's worth a visit and reading the article


Charles Cosby confirming that Pablo Escobar Jr is a "fraud"

Charles Cosby of Cocaine Cowboys II giving an interview on the "Escobar Season Has Returned" DVD produced by As Is. Please go and purchase the DVD, this little footage alone is priceless.

Pablo Escobar Jr on the radio talking about masturbation

A blog talk radio show created by Pablo Escobar Jr regarding sexual release masturbation. An expert in masturbation, Pablo Escobar Jr puts it all out there for the listener to enjoy masturbating.
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A show entirely about the natural carnal desire for the spiritual euphoria obtained through sexual release. Hosted by yours truly, Pablo Escobar Jr and Donnie Monroe.
Pablo Escobar Jr, Blog Talk Radio.

Childhood next to a drug trafficker. (The Real Son Of Pablo Escobar)

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The real son of Pablo Escobar speaking on what it was like growing up as the son of the notorious Pablo Escobar. He touches on the film, "The Sin's Of My Father", a documentary that shows the real son of Pablo Escobar approaching the families of people that his father wronged. It just goes to show that the real son of Pablo Escobar is a humble, and down to earth individual, nothing like the fraud which calls himself Pablo Escobar Jr


Roberto Nicholas Escobar Jr Exposed!!!

Robert D. Torres claims to be the son of Roberto Escobar, Pablo Escobar's brother. We have the proof he's a fake!!!!
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Robert David Torres had his name changed to Roberto Nicholas Escobar Jr claiming he is an actor and that he wants to use "Escobar" as a stage name!

Pablo Escobar Jr Crashes The Real Housewives of New Jersey Birthday Party Wearing A Rastafarian Hat With Fake Dreads. (Read The Whole Story For A Laugh)

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Interviewing a man who has been discredited as the son of Pablo Escobar but persists in his claim is maybe more interesting than interviewing the actual son of Pablo Escobar. The world was really fascinated with rapper Rick Ross and he does almost the same thing, to great critical acclaim. So be it Rick Ross pretending to be Freeway Ricky Ross, or 50 cent pretending to be Kelvin "50 cent" Martin, it is all fun and games until the real people want no part of it.


Pablo Escobar Jr on

Pablo Escobar Jr has made the big time. Please read .
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That is fckin hilarious, best thing I've read all day. This douche looks about 30 and his mommy pays his cell bill? Priceless.

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